New Products, Packaging & Discontinued Products

New Products, Packaging & Discontinued Products

So, as you might have guessed, many companies have changed packaging, updated formulas or just discontinued certain products. Among those companies are:


They have reformulated and changed packaging on all their products. We are listing the new products available in our store.

Nature's Variety

They have changed packaging for the Instinct line. Some formulas have been discontinued and new formulas added. We will be updating our listings as soon as possible.

Animal Essentials

They have discontinued their Herbal Multi-Vitamin. The product was not within their quality standards and they are working on a replacement.


They have discontinued some of the All Life Stages line and added more to the PURE line. We are in process of updating those products.

Tiki Pets

They have added to their line of products. We will be adding those products as soon as possible.

Against the Grain

They have added products to their line, including a new Paleo line for dogs and the Farmer's Market line for cats. These products are available now.


They have added a whole new line. 

Blue Buffalo

They have changed some formulas and added a new line, Earth's Essentials, and added more products to their other lines. We will be updating as soon as possible.

We will list other updates as they are given to us. Enjoy the new lines!

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