How It Works


So how does this whole delivery thing work? Good question!!

First, you have to live in Whatcom County, Washington. Sorry if you live outside that area. We had to draw the line somewhere or we would be driving all day.

Second, you can order online, by email, via text message, in person...however you can get it to us. We will take it!

Third, we order from our distributors once per week, for now. Delivery is one of two ways:

  1. If you are a Doo Bandits or Lawn Bandits customer, you will receive your order on your next service day, provided we have it from our distributors. I know that means some may have to wait, but it is so worth it to get the freshest, best quality products, not ones that have sat in a store or warehouse and nearing expiration dates.

  2. If you are not an existing Doo Bandits or Lawn Bandits customer, you will receive your order within 48 hours of us receiving it from the distributor, weather permitting. We make every effort to reach you, even in the snow, but our employees safety comes first. So, we might be delayed. (On a brighter note, you may get it faster on nice days!)

Fourth, well, just spread the word! Help us help more in our community who either can't haul their own heavy dog food bags or cat litter bags or who just have too many other responsibilities and would like to spend more time with their families and pets than driving all over town to get pet stuff.

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